Sauces for meats and cheeses
Typical sauce to accompany boiled meats in general and cheese

Azienda Mariangela Prunotto
Bagnetto Rosso
Bagnetto Verde
Salsa Mirtillo

Cheese Condiments:
Balsamic jelly delicious with fresh cheese, semi-mature and excellent on goat cheese:

jellies Moscato
jellies Dolcetto
jellies Balsamico
Chestnut Honey

Appetizers (Creams and Pate)
Creams excellent as an aperitif , to spread on warm bread or to accompany grilled meats
Azienda Frantoio di Sant’ Agata Oneglia dal 1827

Cream Porcini Mushrooms and Walnuts
Cream of Salvia
Cream of savory and oregano
Cream Marjoram
Artichoke Pate
Olive Spread

Homemade pasta variety Senatore Cappelli


Pasta sauces
Frantoio Sant’Agata D’Oneglia
Gravy sea
Gravy pitted olives
Porcini Mushroom Sauce
Pistachio Pesto from Bronte
Pesto Orcetto
Pesto and Pumpkin Curry

Jam Pumpkin and Ginger
Spicy Figs
Jam rosehip

Honey Mille Fiori
Pappa Reale di Asiago